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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

$150,000 Poker Set : The Meteorite Set

Most Expensive

Ray Arnab / July 31, 2013
A meteoroid or the solid pieces of debris from comets or asteroids is known as a meteorite. A meteorite originates in outer space and survives the impact with the earth’s atmosphere and surface. Meteorites can be vastly different in size, and other properties like composition and texture. They are of huge importance to the scientific community as well as private collectors. Meteorites in general can be defined as a celestial object or body that originates from space. Meteorites have also been recovered from the surface of moon, and are of huge importance and curiosity among the scientific community.

Poker is a popular card game, which can be played among friends and family. The game can involve betting and individual play. Pokers care played in casinos and other events also. A poker set that is used for a game of poker contains chips of different colours defining denominations other than deck of cards. The game of Poker can also become an expensive game, which can attract wealth of individuals. “The Meteorite Set” is one of the most expensive poker sets, as it is made from precious materials and is priced at $150,000 USD. Though it is not the most expensive Poker set, but “The Meteorite Set” is definitely a very interesting and a collectible item.
The ‘Meteorite Set’ is carved from a 800,000 year old meteorite that are found in northern Sweden. The meteorite in discussion is also known as Muonionalusta. The Poker set has been designed and developed by renowned jeweller Stahl. All the elements of the poker set which is also known as ‘The Meteorite Set’ is covered with 18 carat white gold. other than this each element is decorated with precious stones like diamonds that are pristine in quality. Also Burmese Rubies of best quality and Sri Lankan Sapphires of premium quality adorn the pieces. But what makes each and every piece unique is a piece of the Muonionalusta meteorite that is embedded as a part of each poker piece of ‘The Meteorite set.’
Other than the 120 game chips that are studded with Stahl designed chips that are studded with precious stones like diamonds, rubies and sapphires for an excellent and shimmery game of poker, ‘The Meteorite Set’ also have deck of playing cards of exquisite and exclusive quality. It also has five ivory die in it that increases the elegance and class of the ‘meteorite set.’ Moreover it gives the poker set an overall increase in value too.

But the exclusive design and the luxurious feel of the ‘Meteorite Set’ is further enhanced by the original leather briefcase. The briefcase is made to hold more than 100,000 in chips. The interior is made from Swedish calf skins and reindeer calf suede that only increases its elegance.  The interior of the briefcase is brilliantly and elegantly made from calf skins and calf suede of Swedish calf and reindeer calf respectively, which adds to the elegance of the interiors. The exterior of the leather is also made from exquisitely finished and polished leather, and the licks and handles are also made with great care. Overall the briefcase in itself is an work of art too, and adds to the luxurious feel of ‘The Meteorite Set.’

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