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Monday, May 12, 2014

Solange Caught On Tape Attacking Jay Z (Watch Video)

Solange, Beyonce & Jay Z were all guests at this year's MET Ball but at some point things got extremely ugly between Solange and her brother in law. In elevator surveillance footage Beyonce is seen occupying the elevator before the door opens and Solange and Jay Z enter. Solange appears to be extremely heated and immediately gets in Jay Z's face. The two exchange words and out of nowhere Solange begins punching and kicking Jay. Security splits them up but Solange is still kicking, punching, yelling, anything she can do to get at Jay. It's obvious she is pissed. It's not until Jay Z grabs Solange's leg that Beyonce attempts to intervene.
I'm assuming this happened towards the end of the Met Gala, which would explain why none of them were seen at any of the after parties. At the end of the night all three of them exit together. Beyonce and Solange enter into one car, Jay Z in another. Solange is visibly pissed. Jay & Bey were spotted court side at the Miami vs Brooklyn playoffs game over the weekend. What's really going on?
I'm assuming either Solange was drunk or there is trouble in Knowles-Carter world. I'm interested in seeing how PR will spin this.
Jay's face in this pic speaks volumes. Beyonce's church hug? Hmm....... Could this be it?

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