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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


joe-budden-ransom-vietnamThis is a pretty historic moment for fans of Joe Budden and Ransom. After years of disses and confrontations (both verbal and physical), the two have buried the hatchet and linked up for “Vietnam.”
Once the A-Team (a group consisting of Budden, Ransom and Hitchcock) split up, Ransom was livid about a record Joe put together called “Family Reunion” on Mood Muzik 3 that also featured Hitchcock without Ran’s knowledge. The two traded disses back and forth, which eventually led to Ransom and crew going to the home of one of Budden’s friends and smacking him in the face. Joe retaliated physically and then gave a play-by-play of it outside of an Applebee’s. He later went on to give an apology and the beef simmered from there.
Now, the two are back over a DJ Pain 1 record. We get one verse from each and the bars are served up heavy. Get into it below.

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