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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Music: Rita Ora - "I Will Never Let You Down"

First single from Rita's studio project #2 is the Calvin Harris-produced "I Will Never Let You Down", an 'uplifting love song' as described by Rita. Many say, 'mixing love and work' isn't a good idea, but if that worked for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, why can't it work for Rita Ora and Calvin Harris? Should they break up, though, they're going to see listen to "I Will Never Let You Down" with such discomfort in the future!
"I Will Never Let You Down" premiered on UK radio (via Capital FM) on March 31st with the iTunes release date being May 11th. A whole month to promote, huh?
Review: Rita's new single is a proper Calvin Harris song, in the sense it features an up-lifting electro-pop beat, and a repetitive lyrical construction. "When you say you've had enough / And you might just give it up / I will never let you down", sings Rita Ora in the hook of "I Will Never Let You Down". The Kosovo-British singer sings "IWNLYD" really well, and lets her vocals ride the Calvin Harris 'beat' waves with no difficulty.
Overall, "I Will Never Let You Down" is a good 'electro' love mid-tempo, it's just that I expected Rita and Calvin's first collaboration to be something far more 'explosive', and extremely 'pop radio-friendly' (or something as ground-breaking as "We Found Love" by Rihanna), and this feels a little 'safe'. It's definitely going to be a 'grower' for me.
In any case, I've yet to see a Calvin Harris-produced song for another artist flop on the charts and I don't think "I Will Never Let You Down" will be an exception. #1 worthy?

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