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Thursday, January 30, 2014

[New Music] Jhene Aiko’s Sister Mila J aka Japollonia Releases New Track ‘Smoke, Drink, Break Up’

Mila J aka Japollonia, Jhene Aiko's sister, releases single
ither we smoke or we drink or we break up…
In case you didn’t know, Jhene Aiko isn’t the only musically-talented sibling in her family. Her 30-year-old big sister Jamila has been out here grinding for over 20 years. She first started off indance and girl groups before grabbing the attention of Chris Stokes when she appeared in Prince’s “Diamonds & Pearls” music video back in ’91. Ever since then, she’s been making her own way in R&B going from being the more soft and gentle ‘Mila J’ to the little bit rougher ‘Japollonia.’
This week, the stylish beauty dropped her new single, ‘Smoke, Drink, Break Up,’ which is a break-up-to-make up track about wanting to leave her man because it’s to the point where they have to get high or tipsy to even deal with each other.
See I love you but I don’t like that
I leave but then I come right back to you
So what is the point
I might as well sit here and roll me a joint
Or pour me a drink
So I can wasted and don’t have to think no more
Get high as a plane 
‘Cause sober we drive each other insane
And we know if we don’t
We’ll just start fighting again
Listen below and tell us what you think:

Via Necolebitchie
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